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You can get cheap car alignment in Almere at Jay’s Autoservice. Expertly together with modern equipment we ensure that you can get back on the road comfortably. Make an appointment online to have your car inspected by one of our experienced mechanics.

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Car alignment

✔️ Minimize tire wear.

✔️ Maximizing your driving comfort

✔️ Performance improvement.
of the car

✔️ Safer driving through optimized
driving stability

Why do I need to have my car aligned?

Alignment involves adjusting the wheels for optimum handling of your car, and improves driving stability. Even a small deviation of a few millimeters can make a difference and affect fuel consumption, tire wear and comfort while driving. Car alignment reduces fuel consumption, tire wear, and makes your driving safer and more enjoyable.

What is the difference between balancing and alignment?

Wheel alignment and balancing are not the same thing, and are often confused with each other. Alignment involves adjusting the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and balanced to each other, and balancing involves applying lead weights to the rim to ensure that the wheel can keep rolling without vibrating even at high speeds.

When will I know to have the car checked?

– The car deviates to the left or right

– The steering is heavier, or does not return on its own after a turn

– If a tire or suspension part is replaced

– In case of irregular tire wear

– You have driven against a curb or through a deep pothole

– You have been in a collision