Air conditioning service in Almere

Air conditioning service in Almere

Proper climate in the car allows you to relax and concentrate on driving. Air conditioning ensures that your fogged-up windows dissolve as quickly as possible, and with heat that you stay cool. Therefore, for maintaining the quality of the car and comfortable driving, it is wise to regularly maintain your air conditioner with an air conditioning check. A good air conditioner will keep you driving safely and comfortably, have an air conditioning check performed with us in Almere.

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Air conditioning checks

Air conditioning service

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When to have an air conditioning service?

The refrigerant in your air conditioner decreases by an average of 8 – 10% annually, and in order for the air conditioning system to function properly, it must be replenished to 70%. The refrigerant used to cool the car is additionally used as a lubricant of other parts of the car. Turning on an air conditioner that has run out of refrigerant can harm the air conditioning system or your car. We therefore recommend having your air conditioning system checked every two years, and, if necessary, filled and cleaned. If the car no longer smells as fresh, the windows stay fogged up or the car does not cool down, it is best to make an appointment earlier.

What is the cost of an air conditioning service?

An air conditioning check will see if your air conditioning system is free of bacteria and mold, working properly, and if the refrigerant needs to be refilled. If everything is in order then you pay for the amount of agent what was used for cleaning and the refrigerant what was used for refilling. Which refrigerant is used depends on the year of manufacture of your car. Should there still be more problems with your air conditioning system, we will contact you to look at options. We offer an air conditioning service as low as €80.